Organised by the Triathlon Club “Niksic”, Triathlon Association of Montenegro and “Lake Fest”, the first triathlon competition in the municipality of Niksic, called The 1st Triathlon of Niksic will be held at Lake Krupac on August 15th. The race will include the sprint triathlon discipline which involves 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running.

The swimming portion of the race will be carried out in the lake and the area will be marked by buoys, while the cycling and racing segment will be held in a beautiful forest on the shore of the lake and the local asphalt road. This way, besides the promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles, natural beauty and touristic potential of the area will be promoted as well. Although the competition is organised for the first time, a large number of participants from Montenegro and the neighbouring countries is expected, considering the fact that the triathlons held in Montenegro during 2014 were attended by over 130 male and female competitors.

More information can be found on TK “Niksic” website:, where you can also apply for participation in the event, which will in the following years become a traditional part of the sport and tourist offer of Niksic.